English Explanation of our day-care

Short explanantion of our day-care

We would like to inform you about the ins and outs of our organization.Kids Talent has a unique daycare system. We are open from 7:00-19:00hr. In case you want to use daycare between 6:00-7:00 hour or 18:00-19:00 hour, it is possible but we charge the flexible hour rate x 1,5.
We offer different type of contracts, each with their own benefits. So you can choose the contract that suits your situation the best.

Important points regarding contracts and planning

  • Standard contract ad € 8,25 per hour:
    - Your child can come to the daycare from 7:00-18:00hr, you always pay from 7:00 till 18:00hr (even if you bring your child later or pick him up earlier)
    - This contract can start on the first of the month or on the 16th of the month.
    - In case you’ve chosen our standard contract, the standard day(s) are already in our system and you don’t have to do anything.
    - If you want to book extra hours, the separate hour rate will be charged.
  • Flexibel hour bundle = € 9,20 per hour:
    - You buy a bundle of hours (15,30,45,60,ect hours) per month. Before every Wednesday 23:00hr you can inform us of your planning/any changes for 2 weeks later. (For example: in week 1 you have to inform us about week 3).
    - The contract can only start on the first of the month and ends at the ends of the month.
    - The location manager indicates which days of the week are available to plan freely without neccessary confirmation .
    - At Wednesday 23:00 hour the system will be locked and you will no longer be able to make any changes or additions for 2 weeks later.
      This time limit is necessary for us to schedule our staff for that week.
    - If you want to remove a day from the ‘closed week’ after the deadline, the costs will remain on the bill.
    - If you want to book extra (lastminute) hours after Wednesday 23hr then these hours will be taken out of your bundle with an addition of 1 euros per hour.
    - Hours that you didn’t use in a month, will last another 5 months.

    In case you do want to book extra hours for the ‘closed week’ after Wednesday 23:00 hour you can call or send an email. The location manager will see if there is a place available on the group for your child. There is a computer on the group or at the entrance where you can register the time that you brought your child to the daycare. This way we know if the child has come conform your planning. The teachers can help you with this.
    At the end of the month you will pay the booked hours and the extra hours in case you used any. When you bring your children earlier than the scheduled hours or pick them up later, this extra time will be charged as flexible hours.
  • Practice hours and the mentor:
    Every child that begins at our daycare center, will receive 3 free ‘practice hours’. These 3 hours can be used until the week before the start of your contract. You can schedule these hours with the mentor during your intake, or send an email to the location manager.
    Every child is assigned a mentor. This mentor is one of our childcare workers. She will work in direct contact with your child and therefore will be able to keep a close eye on how your child is doing. In case you have any questions or remarks, the mentor is your contact point.
  • Illness:
    When your child becomes ill at the daycare center, we will contact you by phone. Together we’ll discuss the situation and will find a fitting solution. It could happen that your child needs to be picked up. When your child has a fever (38.5 C) we will always call. With illnesses that have a contagion risk, it is possible that we can not take care of your child. This will always be decided together with you. In case you have any questions whether or not your child can attend, call the location for advice.
    When your child is sick, you can call us in the morning or let us know through email that the child will not attend our daycare center that day. When your child is absent with no notice, we start to worry and therefore call you for clarification.
    In addition to that, for the BSO (out of school care) it is very important that you will let us know when your child will not be able to attend. Otherwise we will be waiting outside of school for your child. When your child is absent due to illness we charge the scheduled hours, since we had to schedule our staff as well.
  • Medication:
    In principle we do not give medicine to the children, unless it is a very basic treatment with low risk. We do not give medicine to bring a fever down, like paracetamol. Parents are responsible for the judgment of the difficulty level of any treatment. Kids Talent is never responsible for the consequences of giving medicine at the parent’s request.
  • Software:
    We work with a software system over the internet. When you enroll in our daycare center you will receive a login name and a password so that you can login from home. (At www.kidstalent.nl or the Haiho app). From home, you can then schedule your child, see your billing specifications, upload a picture of your child and also see an overview of how your child’s day went.
  • General:
    We provide:
    - Diapers
    - Fruit, (raw) vegetables, crackers/snacks and drinks,
    - Lunch in form of a bread meal and regular milk,
    - Sunsceen (Ganier/ Ambre Solaire): on sunny days please apply sunscreen in the morning at home before you bring your child.

    In addition we also offer the possibility to book a dinner meal for a set price. (Once your child has left the baby-group) What do you have to bring yourself:
    - Milk (breast milk or formula),
    - Formula (in measured portions, preferably brought with one reserve),
    - A bottle,
    - Fruit for the first few months until your child can eat solid (pieces of) fruit,
    - Vegetables/dinner (when your child goes to the next group, the jars of vegetables are no longer permitted and you can book a dinner meal from us, which they will eat with us in the kitchen. (The cost per meal is €5,75),
    - Sleeping bag,
    - Fitted sheet 120x60cm
    - Spare clothing and swimwear on sunny days,
    - A stuffed animal, blanket, or pacifier (In case your child is used to having these),
    - All of the above need to be provided with the name of the child so we don’t mix up food/bottles etc,

    If there are any changes in the care of your child or their food-schedule, you can send these changes to your location manager through email. She will then adjust it in our system so it will stay up to date. Upon arrival you can leave the bottles, the formula etc. in the “voedingsbak” in our kitchen. Breast milk will be kept in the refrigerator. You can leave all the other things in the personal drawer of your child.

    We hope to have informed you sufficiently. Is there anything unclear or if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to help you.

Berekenen zelf de kosten voor opvang

Met onze contractenwijzer kan je zelf berekeken wat kinderopvang bij Kids Talent je gaat kosten
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